Welcome to our new website, we hope you enjoy exploring the site and find our new range of products exciting!

We have had an interesting 2013. It started as a usual year with no great expectations on how it would turn out.

Little did we know how the year was to change!

In March we answered an email from BBC Worldwide which asked;

• Do you own your own company?
• Do you need to attract more customers?
• Would you benefit from some marketing advice?

The answer was Yes, Yes and Yes and so unbeknown to us then, an amazing journey was about to unfold!
A month went by from our email reply and then we were contacted by a film company; Outline Productions who had been commissioned by BBC Worldwide to make a series of programmes. We can now reveal the programme is called ‘ Million Dollar Intern’. The process of being chosen was quite lengthy and went on for over a couple of months. Had we been chosen? Hadn’t we? We were finally contacted on Thurs 13th June and advised that they would be coming to film on the Monday of the following week, so there was no time to get a film stars tan! This was the start of what has turned out to be an incredible experience!

The programme introduced us to a young entrepreneur and gentleman;  a Mr Rich Martell.

The programme allowed Rich to come in to assess our business and ask us “what on earth are you doing!”  We had seriously lost our way!

Over the week and after series of challenges to our way of thinking, we had been reunited with our business and our original love of lavender. Rich and his positive attitude, along with his “can do, no such word as can’t do” determination, had reignited the flame, setting us off in a new and fulfilling direction.

Within the week, a plan to re-market our exclusive 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil and the unique products containing our oil, had been hatched. It would take from then until the programme launch day 7th October 2013 for this all to come together. During that time Rich has continued to mentor and help ourselves which was not part of his original brief and for that we are extremely grateful.

The result is our exciting new product range, our state of the art website, and a renewed vigour!

We hope you enjoy our efforts and join in our appreciation of Rich. Without his help and inspiration we would not be in a position to bring to you the fantastic Wolds Way Lavender Collection.