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How to care for your Lavender Plants. Lavenders in general are a hardy plant in terms of being cared for. Most people will kill their Lavenders with kindness, by overwatering them or feeding them! At the end of the day Lavenders are Mederterainian plants that are used to clinging to a bit of rock fighting for survival.

اسهم البنك السعودي الهولندي

Site & Soil preparation for planting Lavenders الفوركس موقع The perfect site is where they will get full sun for most of the year, and they prefer a neutral to alkaline soil, but the most important thing is that the compost is free draining. Lavenders simply will not tolerate their roots being surrounded by a heavy, clay or waterlogged medium. In soil that is heavy, dig in plenty of grit to improve the drainage, or plant it on a mound.

How to plant Lavender Dig a hole, fill with water and allow it to drain away. Place the plant in the hole and backfill with the soil. If planting in a pot make sure that the pot has drainage holes.


When to plant Lavender

go to link We plant out into our Lavender Fields and Lavender Displays from April through to September.

here You can download our free Lavender Care Sheet by CLICKING HERE

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