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بناء استراتيجية فوركس rating
4-5 stars based on 163 reviews
ولا يؤثر فسخ الاتفاقية من قبل أي من الطرفين على أي عقود أو معاملات مالية أخرى تم تحريرها من قبل ولا يؤدي ذلك الفسخ إلى إعفاء أي من الطرفين من التزاماته المنصوص عليها بهذه الاتفاقية أو إعفاء العميل من أي التزامات تنشأ عن أي عجز بالرصيد.. أسعار الذهب في ليبيا الوحدة دينار ليبي دولار أمريكي اسعار الذهب عيار 24 57.23 دينار .64 سعر الذهب عيار 22 52.46 دينار .25 اسعار الذهب عيار 21 50.08 دينار .56 اسعار الذهب عيار 18 42.92 دينار .48 سعر الذهب عيار 14 33.38 دينار .70 سعر الذهب عيار 12 28.61 دينار .32 اسعار أوقية الذهب 1,780 دينار class="post-42 page type-page status-publish hentry">

بيان سريّة المعلومات

We have closed for the 2017 season. Thank you to everyone that has visited the lavender farm this year and to everyone who has shopped online. You may still shop online 24/7 for unique gifts and treats! If you prefer to order over the phone please call 01944 768641. There is an answer machine if we are not in the office.

The lavender harvest and distillation for 2017 is complete. We have had a good yield of our 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil. The non-lavender areas of our attraction have gone down very well this year, in particular our Giant Games Maze and our newly completed Timber Trail Play Area. There are lots of things to explore along the way. We’re already planning next years additions!

Steve & Anne

Steve & Anne

The Lavender Farm

Our family run Lavender Farm is set within ½ mile from the Wolds Way Walk, surrounded by mature woodland, on the edge of the picturesque Yorkshire Wolds. Wolds Way Lavender and Herb Farm is a wonderful and relaxing place to visit. Our family run 12 acre site is currently planted with over six acres of Lavender ranging from rich hues of purple to the purest white.

An area of the Lavender Farm has been made accessible for the disabled; raised Lavender and Herb beds make perfect viewing for all. There are over 120 different types of Lavenders and Herbs growing which, when in flower, paint an incredible splash of colour across the site.

A leisurely stroll around the Lavender Farm reveals the amazing differences from one variety of Lavender to another. Plenty of seats are available allowing the sights and the fragrant smells to be absorbed at a relaxing pace. The well planned and carefully thought out layout of the plants adds to the overall experience of the visit.

Along the borders in the nature walk there is an abundance of colourful wild flowers and wildlife that have made the site their home. Our new Wildflower Sculpture Walk also adds vivid colour and an interesting selection of sculptures.

We are Dog friendly!

The Distillery

In 2005 the distillation of the Lavender grown in the main fields began using the countries on Wood Fired Lavender Distillery. Distillation of the Lavender takes place during harvest (usually the end of July and throughout August). A video showing the Distillation process and Harvesting is on display throughout the year. Our 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil is extracted through the steam distillation process. It has many uses including aromatherapy. The oil is used in our The Wolds Way Lavender Collection, a unique range of Lavender rich Creams and Potions which are available to purchase on this website!

The Tearoom

Our unique Lavender tearoom is the perfect place to take a break and sample our home made Lavender scones, which are receiving rave reviews! In the Visitor Information Area you can read all about the amazing transformation of the site from a derelict Piggery to the current scented Lavender fields. Detailed images tell the story from day one until the present time, a remarkable achievement in a relatively short time.

The Lavender shop

Within the Lavender Farm Shop you will find a wide range of Lavender products for all occasions including home sewn products, candles, preserves, souvenirs and more. During the season fresh flowers are cut daily and are ideal for home drying.

Plant Sales

No Lavender Farm would be complete without a Plant Sales area! Plants are available to purchase with different varieties throughout the year. Expert advice is available to help you get the best out of your plants!


Lavender, Lavender everywhere!

Our Lavender Oil is harvested and distilled under one roof and grown across twelve acres of beautiful fields on the edge the of the picturesque Wolds.

The Lavender Essential Oil we create is 100% pure and we strive for the highest quality. We grow two varieties of Lavender and using traditional methods. We hand tend the crops throughout the year. We harvest and distil the flowers in late July and August using the countries only wood fired steam distillery.

The Lavender Oil that we produce is worlds away from normal products, that rarely often use actual lavender, favouring chemically produced aromas. This devoids the products of any of the medicinal properties that true Lavender has. As one of the most powerful oils which can be extracted, Lavender has a myriad variety of applications; it’s a natural stress reliever, it can help you get a good night’s sleep. It is a natural anti-septic and cleanser. Spraying it in a room will do wonders to freshen the air and it will even deter wasps!

Its arrived; Luxury Liquid Soap

Luxury Liquid Soap

We have just added our Luxury Liquid Soap to the website. It is the latest addition to the Wolds Way Lavender Collection. Please click on the image above to have a look;

CLICK HERE to go to our shop, or click on any of the product images below;-

800 - moisturising hand cream boxed

Moisturising Hand Cream

800 - soothing muscle rub boxed

Soothing Muscle Rub

Wolds Way Lavender Reviving cooling Gel 120ml boxed

Reviving Cooling Gel

800 - luxury bath and shower cream box

Luxury Bath & Shower Cream

Wolds Way Lavender Luxury Shampoo 250ml boxed

Luxury Shampoo

Wolds Way Lavender Luxury Conditioner 250ml boxed

Luxury Conditioner

800 - moisturising body lotion boxed

Rich Moisturising Body Lotion

800 - relaxing massage oil boxed

Relaxing Massage Oil

Wolds Way Lavender Pure Lavender Essential Oil 10ml boxed

Pure Lavender Essential Oil

800 - soothing foot balm box

Soothing Foot Balm

Wolds Way Lavender Sensual Bath Oil 125ml boxed

Sensual Bath Oil

800 - 50gr handmade soap 1

Hand Made Soap

Calming Room Spray 1

Calming Room Spray

Bath & Body Gift Set

Bath and Body Gift Set

Wolds Way Lavender Soothing and Relaxing Gift Set

Soothing and Relaxing Gift Set

Wolds Way Lavender Bathing and Hair Gift Set

Bathing and Hair Gift Set

Wolds Way Lavender Travel Range 30ml

Taster Collection

Wolds Way Lavender Range 250ml range

Luxury Shampoo and Luxury Conditioner Offer

Luxury Liquid Soap

Luxury Liquid Soap

Our "Liquid Gold"

Our “Liquid Gold”

,264 اسعار جنيه الذهب 400.61 دينار 4.46 اسعار كيلو الذهب 57,228 دينار ,637 يتم تحديث الأسعار يومياً فور حدوث اي تغير في حركة السوق كما نطلعكم على جدول بيانات تفصيلي عن أسعار أمس و العشرة أيام السابقة من هذا الشهر لكل من الأعيرة المتاحة 24-21-18-14-10 والتي نعرضها لكم في الجدول التالي بعملة دينار ليبي.. مراسلون تقرأ في تجارب الدول الأخرى التي عرفت التنقيب السطحي عن الذهب أربعاء بناء استراتيجية فوركس 2016-04-27 13:51 من أشهر الصور التي تداولها متصفحو مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي للتنقيب السطحي عن الذهب مراسلون - خاص ما كان سرا خلال فترة لا تقل عن أشهر انكشف فجأة بالصدفة فقد أوجس سكان محليون في أنفسهم خيفة من أضواء تلك السيارات التي تجوب صحراء تازيازت في الظلام الدامس وأبلغوا الجهات الأمنية التي تعاطت باهتمام مع البلاغ ظنا منها أن الأمر يتعلق بإرهابيين أو مهربي مخدرات لكن المفاجأة كانت أن هؤلاء قوم يبحثون عن رزقهم المقسوم المكتوم.. سوق ليبي لعرض اخبار الذهب.عود الذهب 11-11-2013, بناء استراتيجية فوركس 23.. ثم في 21 أغسطس 2014، أصدرت هيئة السوق المالية مسودة لائحة لمشاركة المؤسسات المالية الأجنبية.. المادة (68) تخفيض رأس المال أ- للشركة ذات المسؤولية المحدودة ان تخفض رأسمالها اذا زاد على حاجتها او اذا لحقت بها خسائر تزيد على نصف رأسمالها على ان تراعى في هذه الحالة احكام المادة (75) من هذا القانون.. للمزيد خريطة الموقع