The Lavender Farm is getting ready for this years Lavender Harvest and Lavender Distillation!

We are open 10am – 5pm -  7 days a week in July and August – Free admission

The Lavender Fields

The Lavender Fields


Wolds Way Lavender master beds

Wolds Way Lavender master beds

Lavender update  25th July 2014.

The lavender is looking really good. Butterflies and Bees are in abundance. Nature at its best! We look forward to seeing you.

We have made major changes and look forward to seeing you. Come and be part of the BBC “Million Dollar Intern” transformation!

Latest update on the BBC “Million Dollar Intern” The series is now being shown on Thursday evenings 8pm on the Watch TV channel. Sky 109 or Virgin 124. Our programme will be out in August.

The programme filmed in June 2013 introduced us to a young entrepreneur and gentleman; Mr Rich Martell Founder and CEO of the Floxx Media Group. Rich came to assess our business for a week, his conclusion; “what on earth are you doing!” We had seriously lost our way!
Over the week and after series of challenges to our way of thinking, we had been reunited with our business and our original love of lavender. Rich and his positive attitude, along with his “can do, no such word as can’t do” determination, had reignited the flame, setting us off in a new and fulfilling direction.
Within the week, a plan to re-market our exclusive 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil and the unique products containing our oil, had been hatched. It would take from then until the BBC worldwide programme launch day 7th October 2013 for this all to come together. During that time Rich has continued to mentor and help ourselves which was not part of his original brief and for that we are extremely grateful.

Please browse our website and see the end results, or if you are passing by call into the Lavender farm and have a look around!


Our “Liquid Gold”

Lavender, Lavender everywhere!

Our Lavender Oil is harvested and distilled under one roof and grown across twelve acres of beautiful fields on the edge the of the picturesque Wolds.

The Lavender Essential Oil we create is 100% pure and we strive for the highest quality. We grow two varieties of Lavender and using traditional methods. We hand tend the crops throughout the year. We harvest and distil the flowers in August  using the countries only wood fired steam distillery.

The Lavender Oil that we produce is worlds away from normal products, that rarely often use actual lavender, favouring chemically produced aromas. This devoids the products of any of the medicinal properties that true Lavender has. As one of the most powerful oils which can be extracted, Lavender has a myriad variety of applications; it’s a natural stress reliever, it can help you get a good night’s sleep. It is a natural anti-septic and cleanser. Miating it in a room will do wonders to freshen the air and it will even deter wasps!

We use our Lavender Essential Oil to create a variety of wonderful products. You can find them all in our shop.